Member of Medical Artists Association (UK)

Member of Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques

Artists for Conservation Foundation - Signature Member - Supporting Nature Through Art

Member of Portrait Society of America
Member of the Cecilia Beaux Forum


Born in the UK, I spent my youth in Nigeria, Australia and for 11 years in Kenya. Later I continued my travels and lived and worked as a midwife in Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Finally settled back in the UK with my Lancastrian husband we enjoyed bringing up our family in Lancashire, living by the coast with its big beaches and vast skies. When our youngest child started school, I made a career change and returned to my studies, gaining a B.A. (Hons) Design, specializing in Natural History and Scientific Illustration.  I then spent a number of years training as a medical artist, alongside my continuing studies in life drawing. For many years art had been my much loved hobby which I used to help support my favourite wildlife charities; once I completed my studies I set about trying to turn my love of art into a career.

I love working in different areas of the creative arts and find this gives me a a balance which enables me to continually strive to improve my skills.  As a medical artist I enjoy the challenge of trying to demonstrate and explain the workings of sometimes quite complex projects which can involve human anatomy, zoology or the bio sciences.  As a writer I strive to explain the working practice of my art.  As a fine artist I can truly delve into a combination of ‘reference'; from sketches, photographs, memory and my imagination.  Creating artwork of the natural world is something I am continually inspired to do and probably has something to do with my ‘life of travel’ in my youth! As a child I have stood on pristine beaches in Australia with no one else in site. In Kenya I have watched elephants crashing through the undergrowth in the magnificent Aberdare National Park. I have snorkelled in the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, over a coral reef of magical shapes and colours with a drop into the ocean so deep and sudden at its edge that I was afraid to swim over it. It is all magnificent and all so fragile. I hope that by creating images of the natural world I may remind people of the importance of protecting it…..for all our sakes.LAU50 Animal Painter.qxdI am honoured to be a Full Member of the Writers Guild. As an author and artist I am commissioned to produce articles on a number of different topics to do with the wonderful world of art! I enjoy being a regular contributor (Artist/Writer) to Leisure Painter Magazine and an art demonstrator for The Artist and Leisure Painter Magazines.
I enjoy working with Derwent’s products in my own art….and it is great fun to give art demonstrations and teach workshops at the magical Pencil Museum, in the Lake District (UK) each year!  DEFINTIVE DERWENT LOGO


I am delighted to be an Ambassador for St Cuthberts Mill, here in the UK:StCuthbertsMill_PositiveWEB

I love sharing my artistic skills and experiences…as I always say, “We are all on this artistic journey together!”.

As a Guest Lecturer for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines I look forward to inspiring others to learn and improve their watercolour skills on each cruise with my ‘A World of Watercolours’ art lessons.  Keep a look out for our exciting destinations each year!

Taking part in exhibitions that promote and support wildlife conservation is part of my life as a artist…..and one that is very special to me. A percentage of all my wildlife art sales goes to my favourite wildlife charities. I am proud to be a Founder Member and the first Chair (from June 2009 to Oct 2013) of the Association of Animal Artists. I was thrilled to be awarded Honorary Life Membership on my retirement from the AAA Committee.  I now enjoy taking part in as many AAA events and activities as I can!  It is a thrill to visit ‘Nature in Art’ each year as Artist in Residence.  I love being a Signature Member of Artists For Conservation and was honoured to be chosen as Conservation Artist of Month in December 2013. It was a thrill to be part of the Animal Art Fair in 2011 which was held that year in aid of Tusk Trust. Here is the video which includes a short interview with me! 


My studies in anatomy have given me a keen interest in portraiture and figurative art, which has become a speciality that I really enjoy whether working in pencil, charcoal or paint.  The portrait here of ‘Mercy’ is oil on canvas and limited edition prints are available.
Part of the proceeds of sale of these prints go to the charity:
Feet First Worldwide‘:  

Medical Art/ Illustration

I founded Tembo Graphics to offer design, illustration and specialist medical, scientific and zoological artwork; my client are from around the world.  Artwork ranges from simple line work, drawings and paintings to complex highly detailed illustrations and can be produced using a variety of media ranging from the traditional; pen and ink, pencil, charcoal and watercolour/ gouache/ acrylic to multi-layered digital artwork using the Adobe Creative Suite. 

Based in the UK, I am a Professional Member of the Medical Artists’ Association (UK) and a Registered Medical Illustration Practitioner.  I am also a Professional Member of  the Assocation Europeenes des Illustrateurs Medicaux et Scientifiques, the Association of Medical Illustrators (USA), the Association of Illustrators (UK) and The Royal College of Midwives.  I belong to the Portrait Society of America and The Cecilia Beaux Forum.

I am honoured to have my medical artwork featured on Wellcome Images (UK) and in the Medical Illustration Source Book (USA).  My Illustration work can be seen on the following websites; the Association of Illustrators (UK) and Directory of Illustration (USA).

Tel: 01253 780734



AnneCorless_MedicalArt_EyeDigita_WEB_smallAbove: A medical art project:
Created using Adobe Illustrator’s Gradient Mesh. 
AnneCorless_TheUltimateGuideToSinging_BEST_Digimark_2014 Above: a medical art project:
Created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
January 2014:

“The ‘The Ultimate Guide To Singing’ has just been published and I am very, very honoured to be invited to be a contributor to this wonderful book”:


A recent lovely recommendation of my digital illustration work:
“Not only does Anne Corless produce quality illustrations, she does so with an interpersonal magic and miraculous speed that will make any project succeed.”

Gregory A. Barker
PhD Commissioning Editor
Voice Council Magazine
Editor The Ultimate Guide for Singing


PLEASE BE AWARE that if any unsolicited or unwanted calls are made to me which are intent on taking money and use pressure, then I will refer the matter to Trading Standards, and the Police and reserve the right to commence legal proceedings. I am registered with the TPS and will report such unsolicited marketing calls to the TPS who will then refer the matter to the Information Commissioner. 


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Anne Corless Art for sale

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Below is a lovely tweet from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Gallery regarding a recently sold artwork of mine!  I love using my artwork to support the amazing work done by the DSWF.

I enjoy being a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild and am honoured to be Chair of the Fine Art Committee. As a team we work to support the Guild’s artist members. The Fine Art Committee is fully involved in supporting Guild staff in the organisation of the prestigious Guild Artists Exhibition which is held during the annual Art and Framing Convention UK.

FATG logo Colour

I am the North West Branch Master of the Guild and enjoy running ‘North West Art’ events with Peter Drought, Branch Treasurer and Eunice Knott (‘The Frame Studio’ – my framer!).  You can follow us on Facebook


Talks/ Art Demonstrations & Art Workshops
I enjoy teaching Art Workshops and giving Art Demonstrations.  Please visit the ‘Art Demo’s, Workshops and Talks’ part of this website to find out more! 
AnneCorless_Clatterbridge&BBCRadioMersey_DigimarkAbove: This project in 2012/ 2013 involved my running art workshops and then designing a wall frieze for the first Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Mobile Treatment Centre.  The project was supported by BBC Radio Merseyside.

Voluntary_Arts_UK_OlympicDrawing_Aug2012AnneCorless_BBCRadioMersey_2012_DIGI_7028Above: During 2012 I enjoyed running a series of ‘Olympic themed’ Portrait Art workshops at BBC Radio Merseyside with the support of ‘Up For Arts’ and the ‘Campaign For Drawing’.  Our wonderful model was none other than BBC Presenter Billy Butler!

BBC Presenter John Gillmore & Anne Corless Artist in Residence at BBC Radio Lancashire in 2011
BBC Presenter John Gillmore and Anne Corless Artist in Residence at BBC Radio Lancashire in 2011

Above: BBC Presenter John Gillmore and Anne Corless Artist in Residence at BBC Radio Lancashire in 2011


Anne Corless Equine Art Video!
Working as an equine artist is a passion…..and so I am delighted that my video on ‘How to Draw and Paint Horses’ is on Horse & Country TV in the UK and Ireland (on Sky Channel 280) and in the Netherlands (via cable).  It is also on the Horse & Country website.  Thank you to everyone involved in this project: Matty Simpson; Director, Film-Maker and Editor. Christine Worthington, owner of Lizzie. Sadly Christine lost Lizzie recently, which has saddened us all. The Benevolent Fund mentioned in this video is; ‘Lancashire Constabulary Retired Police Horse Benevolent Fund.’ 


I first exhibited with Art of Giving in at the Queen Elm Gallery in Chelsea, London in 2009 and have enjoyed being part of it ever since!





Thank you to Ol Pejeta for this lovely testimonial:

“I first approached Anne Corless with regards to a donation for my charity event in aid of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy and without hesitation she gave up her time, advice and donated two wonderful paintings. ‘Hope and Mount Kenya’ Anne created especially for us from photo’s provided- Hope being a tiny orphaned Rhino very close to the heart of everyone at Ol Pejeta. What a truly breath-taking job she did – we are all delighted with the finished painting – Anne is a wonderfully talented artist, a true talent and a dedicated conservation supporter who has been so incredibly helpful, supportive and generous to us throughout the planning of our auction.”

Donna Purvis
Director The Ol Pejeta Conservancy Charity Auction
July 2014