Artist’s Statement


“A life of travel has resulted in the desire to draw and paint people, animals and landscapes and has influenced my way of working as I strive to create artwork which captures the imagination and tells a story.  I prefer to work from life, where possible but also use, as reference, jottings and sketches, colour notes and sometimes photographs, along with memory and imagination.  I rely on feelings and emotion as the artwork progresses and there are some paintings that I just cannot part with.  I hope that by creating images of the natural world I may remind people of the importance of protecting it…..for all our sakes.”

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Anne Corless (centre) watching elephant in Kenya.
Anne Corless (centre) watching elephant in Kenya, some years ago…..

A life and a love of travel……..
“My earliest memories are of living in a house on a cliff side in Cornwall, far from my parents own roots in the north of England….but it was not long before they decided to explore the world and we set off on a life of travel.   Over the years I was to enjoy meeting many different peoples and places around the world.  I clearly remember some of these adventures which I am sure drive me to create and recreate memories and experiences.  Sometimes in my art I can almost feel the atmosphere of a picture…and as I always say, if I look across the studio at a painting and feel it looks as if it could come to life, then something is beginning to work!

As a young child living in Nigeria, I remember we often visited a beach on a peninsular which was reached via a small boat trip along the edge of a dark and tangled mangrove swamp.  In Australia, we lived on the coast and from the cliff tops overlooking the ocean we saw the visiting humpback whales with their calves, resting in the shelter of the bay on their annual migration.  Years later, in Kenya I loved spending time in the magnificent Aberdare Mountains where we watched herds of elephant crashing through the undergrowth.  In Tsavo National Park I remember sitting alongside a retired warden on a small clifftop near a waterhole, as he quietly explained what we could see before us as elephants with their young drank, followed later by a vast herd of buffalo.   Sometime later, when living in Saudi Arabia, I enjoyed visits to the Red Sea, snorkelling over a coral reef of magical shapes and colours with a drop into the ocean so deep and sudden at its edge that I was afraid to swim over it.   In South Africa, we marvelled at the sheer majesty of Table Mountain and it was at the remote and idyllic Londolozi Game Reserve on the edge of the Kruger National Park that my husband and I celebrated our engagement.  Back in the UK, I have found that same sense of space and views, living on the Lancashire Coast with its vast beaches and big skies and visiting friends in the Highlands of Scotland the enjoyment of mountains seemingly falling into the sea is there.  With our family, all grown up, more recently my husband and I enjoyed visiting the remote Gjesvaerstappen Nature Reserve, an island near the North Cape in Norway.  Famous for the one million puffins that arrive each year, it was as if thousands of little puffins escorted our small boat as they flew alongside, perilously close to the waves. It is all magnificent and all so fragile.  I hope that by creating images of the natural world I may remind people of the importance of protecting it…..for all our sakes.”

Anne and Bob Corless in Tromso, Norway 2015
Anne and Bob Corless in Tromso, Norway 2015