Medical Illustration

Anne Corless offers design, illustration and specialist medical, scientific and zoological artwork to clients around the world.  Artwork ranges from simple line work, drawings and paintings to complex highly detailed illustrations and can be produced using a variety of media ranging from the traditional; pen and ink, pencil, charcoal and watercolour/ gouache/ acrylic to multi-layered digital artwork using the Adobe Creative Suite.

Based in the UK, Anne is a Professional Member of the Medical Artists’ Association (UK) and a Registered Medical Illustration Practitioner.  She is a Professional Member of  the Assocation Europeenes des Illustrateurs Medicaux et Scientifiques, the Association of Medical Illustrators (USA), the Association of Illustrators (UK) and The Royal College of Midwives.  Anne belongs to the Portrait Society of America and The Cecilia Beaux Forum.  Anne is honoured to have her medical artwork featured on Wellcome Images (UK) and in the Medical Illustration Source Book (USA).  Her Illustration work can be seen on the following websites; the Association of Illustrators (UK) and Directory of Illustration (USA).

Contact: Tel: 01253 780734

Here are some examples of Anne’s specialist illustration work:

Veterinary Illustration:
Zoology/ Veterinary Illustration project:
Anne was commissioned by Dog Games Ltd ‘ to create anatomical illustrations of the dog for their 10th Anniversary Brochure.

Commission to show anatomy of the dog and the Dog Games Ltd dog harness.
Commission to show anatomy of the dog and the Dog Games Ltd dog harness.


Medical Illustration:
Anne was commissioned to create artwork for ‘The Ultimate Guide To Singing’:
Anne says: “The Ultimate Guide to Singing has just been published….…and I am very, very honoured to have been commissioned to create anatomical illustrations and to be a contributor to this wonderful book!


“We needed some top quality medical illustrations for a high profile popular publication – and we needed it “yesterday”!  I still can’t believe our good fortune in finding Anne Corless!  She is an absolute delight to work with: gifted to the hilt, extremely knowledgeable and – most importantly – proactive.  She produced exactly what we needed, responding quickly and positively to every suggestion from our team.  The result is phenomenal.”

Gregory A. Barker PhD
Commissioning Editor Voice Council Magazine
Editor The Ultimate Guide for Singing.